Let’s Catch Up!

I am the worst and haven’t posted in over a month! Life is so crazy and overwhelming but the Lord’s love and mercy makes everything beautiful and I am so so thankful. I’m praying that with summer coming up I’ll have more time to blog and invest in my site…I’m looking at a couple new designs and I’m getting super excited about that! But for a little catch up here’s what’s been going on with me:

1. I’M MOVING TO ITALY!!!! (Well temporarily…) But guys I’m SO STOKED that I’m studying abroad in the fall with my college! So for a couple months this year my blog will be all about my adventures abroad in Italy and throughout Europe. I cannot wait to share them all with you! LET’S BE ADVENTURERS!!

florence.jpg2. I’m doing Fr. Michael Gaitley’s 33 Days to Merciful Love right now and it is wonderful. The Lord’s mercy is outstanding and I cannot believe how little attention I’ve paid to Him in that regard. Seriously, this consecration to Divine Mercy is awesome and you all should check it out. (PS I bought my book from an awesome Catholic website whose prices were close to those on Amazon and they support Marian groups across the world so please consider purchasing from them!)


3. All that being said, Divine Mercy has been ROCKING MY WORLD. I started praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day at 3pm…DO IT. The Lord’s mercy is overflowing but we need to accept it first. He’s waiting for you to ask for His mercy in your life and I promise it will not disappoint.


4. Freshman year is almost over and I cannot believe how time has passed so quickly, but I’m excited for the adventures of this summer and my study abroad in the fall!

Not much has changed but I’ve been so busy it’s been crazy! Thanks for hanging in there with me 🙂 I hope to invest A LOT more time into the blog in the coming months…I’m praying for all of you and I ask for prayers that I can continue to do the Lord’s will with this blog in the future.

Here’s an Instagram round-up!!


Shoes. Drink. Hammock. Journal.


Shirt. Sunglasses. Earrings(similar).


Booties(similar). Jeans. Flannel. Handbag. Earrings.


Tote(similar). Shoes. Jeans. Wallet. Mini Bag.


Flip flops. Shorts. Shirt.


Tank Top(similar). Skirt. Shoes. Earrings.


Swimsuit. Sunglasses.