Lent Pick Me Up

To all my fellow cradle Catholics out there…does anyone else feel like Lent was so much easier when we were kids?! I remember taking my Lenten promises SO seriously and not faltering from them at all. Now I’m getting to that point in Lent where I reeeeally want that Chai Tea or Sonic slushy but I am supposed to only be drinking water and green tea for Lent.

I really want those drinks and I find myself justifying getting them…if only I had the same fervor for Lent as I did when I was younger. The funny part is that as I’ve gotten older I should be more aware of the purpose of giving up things for Lent.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about how Lent should not be known as the “Catholic diet plan” and this is SO true. I think as I’ve grown older I’ve seen that I get more out of Lent when I do something more instead of giving up something.

In the women’s group I’m in on my campus, we were talking about some practical things you can DO for Lent and I decided to put some ideas on here! I think at this time in Lent it is important to look at what we decided to do two weeks ago and really make sure that we are following our promises. If not, I encourage you to change them up a bit so that you have something else to work on! So here are some ideas:

  1. Daily Mass
  2. Daily Adoration
  3. Write down names of people in your life and every day pick one to pray for that day (I’ve been doing this and it’s awesome!)
  4. Visit a retirement home or homeless shelter once a week.
  5. Go to Confession every week
  6. Pray a Rosary every day
  7. Write a letter to someone you love everyday
  8. Journal to God about your daily life


Father, REAWAKEN us in this time of Lent 




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