// July Favorites //

Wow it’s already August! I seriously cannot believe how fast July went by! Here are my favorites from the last month: 

Clothing Item: 

We just got our fall line in at J. Crew and I am obsessed with all of it! I’m hoping to do a huge haul of everything I’ve aquired while working there. But, here are some of the pieces I bought in the new collection: 


Totally my Ray-Bans!! I’ve been wanting them for so long so my boyfriend got them for me earlier this month and I LOVE THEM!!! 

Beauty Item: 

At the last facial I had I told my facialist that my skin is super oily in the mornings and I was having difficulties keeping it dry during the day. She gave me this product from Image and I love it!! It is very drying so it can be a little much and it’s really heavy in salicylic acid so you have to be careful but I personally loved the results. Image my favorite skin care line and the line that my spa uses! It’s just so great!! 


Tattoo by Hunter Hayes

American Honey by Lady Antebellum 

Raised on It by Sam Hunt 

(I saw these all in concert last week and it was AMAZING!!!!) 


I didn’t watch much this month so nada haha. 


Right now I have to read De Regeno by St. Thomas Aquinas for the leadership program at my college. It’s a really deep philosophical writing on why we need leaders which is super interesting!! 


Samantha from http://www.preptista.com! I love her color scheme (my favorite colors) and she’s so cute!! Check her out! 
Social Media Account:

One of my best friends from high school just started an account so I HAVE to shout her out! Go check out Sydney on Instagram @seersuckerandsydney 


The other day my Priest told me in Confession that “You don’t go to college just to keep your faith, you go to spread it and grow it.” I thought this was a beauty reminder of the mission I have ahead of me and I cannot wait to start it! 


Every morning I’ve been making scrambled eggs with cheese, gluten-free bread and some kind of fruit with green tea and water infused with cucumber, lemon and mint leaves. It’s such a great way to start the day!! 


Considering the closest Starbucks to my college is 45 minutes away, I’ve been loading up on my Starbs!! Cool Lime Refreshers and Iced Chai Tea Lattes are my favorites!! 


With what my priest told me about inConfession the other day, I’ve been praying to Mary to prepare my heart for the mission the Lord has in store for me during college. 


We had an exchange student from Spain with us at the beginning of the month and it was sooo much fun showing her around the states! The rest of the month has been full of country concerts and preparing for college!

Well it’s officially the month I will be heading off to college! I’m both excited and nervous for the adventure ahead but I can’t wait to see what happens! I’m also super excited to see Caroline from The Preppy Queen Bee and my dorm room come together! Can’t wait for ya’ll to see it too!