Agenda Organization/New Lilly Agenda!!


In honor of the new Lilly Pulitzer agendas coming out, (and already getting mine for the next year!!), I wanted to share how I am organizing my life this summer! I am determined to make this summer very productive while also being relaxing, spiritual, and filled with fun! I came up with a list of things I want to do at least once a week and wrote them down in different colors. Color coordinating is one of my favorite ways to organize pretty much anything especially when it come to my planner!


To do so this summer, I got the colored Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens which can be a little pricier for pens but they write so well and I love the way they look on paper! The bright colors make it easier for me to make sure everything that is on my weekly list is put in my calendar. Having it visually there for me helps me to remember to do little things like go to Adoration, clean my room, or even just go out to tan!


I make sure to write everything I need to do in order that it needs to get done or is scheduled to in the day by day part of the agenda just like this week:


This part of the agenda is what I look at the most because I always have the times of different appointments and I have more of a breakdown of the day whereas on the monthly pages I put bigger events. For me, the monthly pages make it easier to glance over my schedule and see what’s coming up! This picture is of June because I don’t have much on my July calendar yet!!


Obviously the colors I use in the weekly pages are the same in the monthly pages to make sure that everything is organized and easy to understand! When school starts, I keep the same pens for events that are outside of school work and then I use the colored Bic Cristal Ballpoint pens to write down all the homework and studying I have to do! I color coordinate my classes as well so it’s easier to have two different ink sizes so I don’t get Chemistry homework confused with my work schedule. And of course I have my favorite Kate Spade pens for notes and other things I need to write down in my agenda!


NOW last night I was looking through this year’s agendas and I’m LOVING the organization pieces of it! Here are some of my highlights in the new Lilly Agendas:


Ordered this one with the monogram from Swoozie’s! The link is at the beginning of this post.


AHH THE STICKER PAGE!! If you can tell, I couldn’t wait so I already put some of the holiday stickers on their pages 🙂 but I love the stickers this year! They are so cute!! Also the patterned page on the left is a page with a little pocket! I love that it has a pattern this year because last year it was plain white! I love putting sticky notes and page marks in the pocket to use when organizing school work!


The notes page of course! I used this so much last year to make lists of things I needed to get done and I loved having it right there in my agenda!


Names and addresses page will definitely be put to use this year since I will be at college and all my friends agreed to be pen pals at school! I’m so excited to use this to put all the addresses of my friends because there is nothing better than good old snail mail!!


Once again, the dates page will be put to use this school year so I can make sure to remember all the birthdays of my friends and different anniversaries from times in high school!


Packing lists are my favorite and I am so excited about the cute new design of the Lilly packing list pages this year!!

I’m using the April month as an example because OH MY THEY USED MY FAVORITE PRINT!!!! I screamed so loud when I saw it!! This year’s design isn’t different from last year!




Well I totally recommend getting a Lilly Agenda to organize your life! I LOVED mine last year and I cannot wait to enjoy this new one!!

Thanks for reading!




May Favorites

Wow it’s June!! Here are my favorites from the crazy month of May:

Clothing item: This black J. Crew factory dress I got at work the other day!!

Accessory: My new pink hand bag from Target.

Beauty Item: My lip gloss from Origins that I got for prom! I got it in Peach Peck and I wear it almost every day!

Song: Tattoo by Hunter Hayes and Long Live by Taylor Swift (old but it reminds me of graduation)

TV: The Willis Family on TLC is my new addiction!

Read: Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus Christ Through Mary by Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM

Blog: one of my new friends who I’ll be going to college with!! Mary-Ashley Ray from The Saint That is Me

Social Media Account: Instgrammer @petalsandprada I absolutely LOVE her pictures.

Quote: “We did it!!!!!” -Elle Woods (the MC at my graduation said this right at the end of the ceremony before we threw our caps up! Quoting Legally Blonde was such a perfect end to my time at an all girls school!!)

Food: I have been making scrambled eggs with gluten-free toast almost every morning and it’s been such a great start to the day! Also all the great food that comes with graduation parties!!

Drink: I have bought waaayy too many Cool Lime Refreshers at Starbucks lately! But hey, they keep me going on busy days!

Prayer: The Prayer of St. Augustine from my consecration!

Memory: Everything that came with graduating from high school of course!!

Happy June everyone!!

XOXO, Emily

33 Days Later…

What a wonderful month May was!! The best part of it was of course my consecration to Jesus through Mary! Yesterday at our youth Mass, all of the high schoolers who did the consecration were able to stand up and finish the month of preparation and it was SO beautiful!! Since I was reconsecrating myself I didn’t get a medal, but all of the youth who were doing it for the first time (including my sister) got Marian medals from Rome and then we celebrated with ice cream after Mass!

The last month was so great and filled with lots of awesome prayer and reflection. I was so proud of myself because last year I did almost none of the prayers and didn’t really take it seriously, but this year I carried my book with me everywhere. Honestly, I did not do all the prayers perfectly every day, but I really took it seriously this time which made it so much better.

I know my intro post to the consecration was kinda vague but now that I did it I know way more about it!! The book that my youth group used was Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus Christ Through Mary by Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM according to St. Louis de Montfort.


Wow I just love this book! Every week or so there’s a new focus of the prayers and new night time prayers to pray. The first twelve days focus on ” Renunciation of the Spirit of the World,” or in other words, looking at your own life and picking out the worldly things that are placed before God so that you can work on them and make more room for Jesus in your heart. During this time we had to pick something to fast from like we would during Lent! We started the week with the Litany of the Holy Name and night prayer for these days was a beautiful, short prayer to Mary called the Sub Tuum.

The first week is about “Being Filled with the Spirit of Jesus Christ,” also called Knowledge of Self. We looked at all the places where we don’t focus on Christ during the first week so that this week we can fill those places with Christ. The week began with the Litany of Saints and night prayer for the second week was my favorite Marian prayer, The Memorare.

The second week increases our “Knowledge of Mary.” All of the prayers and reflections focused on her and her ability to bring us closer to her Son. St. Louis de Montfort had a slightly different way of praying the Rosary which we were encouraged to do at least once during this week. We began with the Litany of Loreto and our night prayer was St. Louis de Montfort’s Rosary prayer (slightly different version).

Since consecrations are TO Jesus THROUGH Mary, the final week of preparation focuses on “Knowledge of Jesus Christ.” All the preparation is to get closer to Him, so it ends with a deeper relationship with Christ. The Litany of the Blessed Virgin was prayed at the beginning and night prayer for this final week was my favorite prayer that I learned over the last 33 days and it is called the Prayer of St. Augustine. (slightly different version)

There were also two prayers we prayed every day which were the Invocation of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Living in Mary (slightly different version). Finally, we prayed the Ave Maris Stella at different times during the process.

This post is purposely a little vague because I want everyone to experience the desire for getting closer to both Jesus Christ and our mother Mary through consecration. I highly encourage it and hope this post sparked something within you!

XOXO, Emily